Cyber Branding: Brand Building in Cyber Space

The advertiser has tried to communicate with someone lying on the couch half asleep for a long time… The man has woken up now. Mobile content, Digital TV, downloading of TV series, online video and search for information on the net are new habits in media consumption and growing at a phenomenal pace.

Cross section of the society use the web for business, entertainment and information. Even tens of thousands of farmers in India use the web at the E Choupals and other such projects. This is not the future. It is a present day scenario.

So brands cannot reach people only by buying media alone.
The consumer is front of the computer actually decides what he wants to see. He is the new creative director. How do you please this guy?

So what’s different?
Leap from brand communication to brand interaction
You have to earn consumer’s attention rather than simply buy it (on demand media)
Social and Viral network can exponentially increase brand equity
Marketing, evolving from media mogul determined dictatorship into consumer determined meritocracy.Undoubtedly the tremendous Versatility and Flexibility are the two main characteristics of advertising in today’s new context.

Power of interactivity

Interactive can help brands be where the consumers are in meaningful and relevant ways
If your brand stands for innovation then you can demonstrate that innovation, not just tell about it
This is where interactivity can leapfrog over traditional media, by tangible demonstration and brand experiences
You can enable peer to peer network dynamics where consumers receive a message not from an advertiser but from their trusted friends.

Important ingredients

-The way the Company handles customer inquiries
-The ‘sound’ of a web site,
-The tone of voice in its emails
-Its downloading time,
-The ease of navigation
-Its security policy
-Its color scheme
Consistent writing style.

There are other things which i will discuss in my other post. Till then Good Night.

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