Merry Christmas

Back then, it was night, a dark cold night with murky silence .He glanced through the window, there the passerby of the dusking locality fades out slowly.  Insomnia stuck its pins into his eyes .He had buried himself into the deep thoughts.  Saint Nicholas murmured, this is the time that he should pay back to his people for what they stood beside him all through the year.  The spirit evokes. The podium stages the drama– and the artist falls apart, his tool became protagonist, Space and time, Fate and Chance became the forces to unlock the art, from the moment we enter this atmosphere we are in the flow of it and wished that we could make it linger or felt time slow on a festive spirit.


Anthropological Approach to Experience Marketing

It is being said that Digital advertising is getting powerful now than it ever has been. But where does the UXM(User Experience management) Stands? Are we lagging behind the trend?  If there is enough research has already made to demystify consumer psychology in the IT sphere? Does the current research have any significant values on consumer behaviour? Does it tends to offer very limited views, and is of little practical value? Who are the netizen that consumed UXM solution in today’s world?  Does the end result of such fragmented research often leaves major “soft” behavioural issues unaddressed or unaccounted.
In the view of above Anthropology is becoming an increasingly popular source from which to borrow tools to investigate marketing and consumer behaviour as because the anthropological approach focuses on the influences of culture and society on the individual consumer’s behaviour; it emphasizes participant observation and academic analysis of consumer behaviour through both management and consumer perspectives.
The questions to be asked how subcultures differ from mainstream consumers in terms of their preferences for products and services, drawing attention to the viability and responsiveness pressures of potentially unforeseen markets. Lets us sheds some light on the characteristics of the tribes in order to understand their behavioural pattern.At this point, we can simply but safely say that the principles of today’s management are a scientific field of study about humans’ behaviours. Therefore Business Ethnography is to be with the practised to studies of corporate cultures in order to stimulate substantial growth. We would require to have shown how specific configurations of values within organisations can contribute to their success or failure. We need to be engaged in the emic feelings of informants.So what is today’s need amongst the tribes (end users and the potential clients) who wander into the IT arena for what good reasons .

Evolution of anthropology in organizational research and business education
It may happen Irish Americans reveal a tendency to retain the cultural characteristics of their heritage, thereby having implications for the ability of conventional marketing efforts to cater to this subculture. Likewise, the Jewish subculture and provides some very compelling reasons why consumer behaviour characteristics of American Jews should not be disregarded.

May be I am getting too gabby in order to establish a simple hypothesis and that essentially is marketing follows a simple law - consumers purchase products that fit their needs.  The better a company knows its consumers’ needs, the more likely its products, services and communications will solve these needs. It just that simple. 

Example 1 Housekeeping goes social and mobile applications need one characteristic to be successful and appreciated by consumers: in order to be useful and, possibly, worth to share with the friends, check out the online version of the app and you would understand the nuances very well. Example – 2 Think about a service called Pinterest ‘’and how well First Born a Digital Ad Agency team up with Uniqlo  for a project that owns Pinterest. The project targets five categories on which mosaics will appear: ‘men’s apparel, women’s apparel, geek, fitness and sports. This campaign with the post series of images rendered very simply, which we can really tell the story’. It looks simple albeit there were some technical challenges that had overcome by the Agency Firstborn. 
Example – 3 Now, Vodafone UK has launched a website which is the combination of Google Maps and Twitter to build the picture of where British people are going to spend their summer holidays.The website help the message spread which states that roaming charges across Europe have been eventually abolished by Vodafone.
Now all these above examples are actually the eye openers to the role of anthropology in business. These developments must have required that anthropology be given a higher profile within business classes to ensure results. The core concept in anthropology is culture. Be it culture of an ethnic group or chunk of netizens or whosoever is culture is an underlying dimension of all societies.  All human behaviour, including market behaviour, that’s too takes place within a cultural context.Cultural components are neither random nor haphazard, but form an internally logical and consistent adaptive system that helps individuals function successfully within their physical and social environment.  In other words, cultural beliefs and behaviour have pragmatic value: they are intimately bound up with people’s experiences in the real world.  

Synchronizing anthropology in digital spears (Neuroanthropology)

Now in Anthropology Anthropologists tend to study culture which is participant-observation. It involves living among a group of people, observing them and recording their behaviour. The resulting account of a cultural system and its members is termed ethnography. While doing participant observation, anthropologists try to adopt an emic approach, that is, uncovering “native” images for events and behaviour.  They are recorded separately from the observations and interpretations.  It is kind of “stereovision” (image of the left eye and image from the right eye) two distinct texts are created.  These texts need to be analyzed separately and then combined to reveal any differences.  To resolve certain discrepancies which exist, “native” informants should be asked to comment on the researcher’s descriptions and explanations.  These comments serve as a check on the researcher’s ethnocentrism while adding greater depth to the “native” view.  Similarly, discrepancies within the “native” text need to be uncovered and explained. Today, many anthropologists employ qualitative techniques (survey, for example), especially if they are doing research in complex organizations.  Now one may want to look at the digital arena, particularly in experience marketing where designers, Information Architect going through the similar steps when quantitative and qualitative techniques are combined (Example Likert scale, Delphi method, Projective techniques etc). Some anthropologists argue that in-depth participant observation (lasting at least several months) is the foundation of applicable anthropological research.  During this extended time period, researchers can move through the ideal patterns, to the belief patterns shared by informants, to modal behavioural patterns that will be observed and participated in.  Anything less does not qualify as a bona fide ethnography.A relevant case study in this regard would be of a leading finance service institution, ‘Citicorp, even created a vice presidency for anthropologist Steve Barnett, who discovered early warning signs to identify people who don't pay credit-card bills. Not satisfied with consumer surveys, Hallmark is sending anthropologists into the homes of immigrants to attend holidays and birthday parties to design cards they'll want.  No survey can tell engineers what women really want in a razor, so marketing consultant Hauser Design sends anthropologists into bathrooms to watch them shave their legs  (Seattle Times staff report, Feb. 22, 1999).’Anthropologists and anthropological methods offer a unique perspective.  Using advertising as an example, while focus groups would look at the demographics of a region to best select a specific advertising campaign, an anthropologist would study people’s reaction to the ad.  


Now In short, in MSAT are we ready to employ the anthropological approach (apart from just age old heuristic studies which may lacks an ethnological component) which is effective in the study of consumer behaviours?  Streamlining research could be acceptable if it produces useful and cost-effective information for the decision makers. Paying attention to the time value of money it may be the concern that it has to be unique (which it is) in nature particularly to the application of qualitative and virtual anthropology methods. It is to be grasped that Anthropology has gained a larger role within practitioner research in the business territory, from consumer behaviour studies to human resource management, and from cross-cultural marketing to strategic international business management. Of course, the application of anthropological methods in business education is not a simple combination of anthropology and business classes and for that we might have to come across to a Tool but that too again is different projection and would be discussed in due course of time. But the need of the hour is to expedite a substantial growth in institutional framework that can instigate paradigm shift from Vicious to Virtuous Cycle.  It is known Qualitative methods have long been taught within business schools and the current shift towards anthropology is destined to give these methods a higher profile.
Being a naïve I may not well jump upon to a conclusion whether this would be a critical pedagogy or a common goal shared by all business educators, it is clearly a more practical approach that could be reached.


Happy New Year

“ Come gather 'round people/Wherever you roam/… 
Come writers and critics/Who prophesize with your pen/And keep your eyes wide… 

Come senators, congressmen/Please heed the call/Don't stand in the doorway/Don't block up the hall/For ____that gets hurt/Will be ____who has stalled/There's a battle outside ragin'./It'll soon shake your windows/And rattle your walls…”


Happy Diwali & Kali Puja

Ever since we crawled out of that primordial slime, that's been our unifying cry,
"More light."  Sunlight.  Torchlight.  Candlelight. but the true beauty only is there is
light from within. That makes the path always bright.
Dipaboli is the festival of light, Let`s prey lights banishes the darkness from our lives to illuminate its journey


Murmur in the Woods, sometimes, it seems you are more distant... ,Sunil Gangopadhyay immerses into blue

There was a pink and golden billow of frothy clouds above the sky waiting to disappear under the shadow of Darkness. A crash of sorrow broke down in thunder over her head. Lights were humming out into the dark and her lips parted like a dead woman as though there were struggling upon them than a wisp of startled air. They made no sound. Yet there was sound, sound of pain, sound - whingeing threads of breadths. Neera began to cry, tears coursed down her cheeks, her mind would never romp again, why, there is still one more line to be written …
Sunil Gangopadhyay , Nil Lohit(blue Blood), is too far away from us , leaving well over 200 books. Such a prolific writer, whose works delighted the Bengali readers over the decades, Nikilesh , Neera remains in Bengali hearts not just as characters but they took further steps to embark upon into the world of reality and transcends past to the realm of imagination.
But it was not Neera and not Nikilesh which took my breath away in the time of my childhood, those days were filled with the adventure of Santu - a little boy like me, the witty fella who loved to fall in an adventure by chance and used to get out along with the might of Kakababu ( He was just like many other boys of my age at that time and wants to do everything that a boy of that age wants to do. And then there was this Man at his side Kakababu (Uncle) who lost one of his legs in a jeep accident, but never lost the courage and spirit of life. He was knowledgeable, adventurous and legendary. I started reading those frictions first time with ‘Jongolgorer Chaabi’ which was coming out in sequence in Monthly Anandamela   . By that time I have already read Feluda(, Professor Shonku ( , Gogol(,  Enid Blytons Famous Five(, The Seccret Seven ( and end number of Comics (Indrajal,DC, Marvel)
But Jongolgorer Chaabi dragged me to its arena and then there was no stopping. I immediately gulp down Sobuj Diper Raja . I remember how anxiously I had to wait for the next story to arrive. I was blessed with his other novels published in Saradiya Anandamela  Mishor Rohosyo, Nilmurti Rohosyo, Nilmurti Rohosyo, Aagun Pakhir Rohosyo,  Kakabau Banam Murtichor (short story) ---- (Published in Sharodiya Kishor Bharoti) to name a few.
That is how I grow with, carrying his story at my side to touch Neera, Sudhu Kobitar Jonyo(Only for the poetry), Hotat Neerar Jonyo, (for Neera) shudhu bhalobasar jonyo (For Love).  If Neera, Nikhilesh paved my way to the roads of poetry, it was ‘Purbo Pochim’ (first published in Desh Potrika which pushed me to the serious novels beside the Children’s friction.
Sei Somoy’ (, ‘Prothom Alo’ ( are falls into the genera of Historical Friction for which Hilary Mantel got an Bookers Prize , unfortunately for Sunil Ganguli born in Bengal, India unarmed with high pitched marketing tricks and mind-heartfelt translation that could have lead him to grab Bookers Prize or Pulitzers. Today when I read Haruki Murakami, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Orhan Pahmuk, Mo Yan , I wonder how could Sunil Ganguli too have felicitated with those awards. His novels, Aranyer Din Ratri,( Days and Nights in the Forest , Pratidwandi (The Adversary made into films by great Satyajit Ray. Moner Manush made into film by Gautam Ghosh and Sabuj Dwiper Raja. ( By Tapan Sinha.
Neera glanced up and held out her hand, if anyone has ever sailed on vast ocean, with no island to see, and things are out of reach, under the crystal water sky, where none ever have to say goodbye. Neera is there with him, they won’t move, speak or breathe hour upon hour … words like silent raindrops fell, and echoed in the wells of silence. 

“This hand has touched Neera's face, /could I use this hand to commit a sin,
ever again?/In the late evening glow/swathing the hanging balcony,/a 'daring' light had fallen on her face,/and like a telegram,/had instantly revealed Neera's grace!”
A breeze from the alien shores/would one day, soon,/carry this lady away/as nimble and graceful as a swan!/And the stairs would all give way/to the surge of a sudden quake!
I stop,and look deep into Neera's eyes .../I realize,love is such an ardent pledge,a deep emotional bondage,/and a sentiment bound in truth./My eyes begin to burn .../standing on the steps,/these lips had told Neera,/'I love you', once,/could a deceit play on these lips,ever again?


Samba groove - exiled in oblivion.

Olympic Medal doesn’t just drop from the sky. It has to be earned and that also takes nothing but the relentless efforts and irrepressible enthusiasm. That was what missing in this star-studded Brazil soccer side. The moment the ball kicked off for the final showdown at Olympic Stadium of the gold medal match between Brazil and Mexico, it was evident that the celebrities of the Brazil team are not willing to give their slightest efforts to bring back the glory that was much awaited for a long long time. The Olympic trump turned its face again away from their homeland.
Nevertheless, there are likes of Hulk whose stupendous efforts ignite the momentum at the last minute, eventually evaporated in the slender of time. It is their lacklustre attitude towards the game in the first half paid off at the end. Nymer , Oscar, Rafael were sluggish at the beginning as if they were always knew they could easily draw the line of difference  whenever they wish to. Unfortunately the gallant Mexicans thought otherwise and they made the Brazilians believe that football has also to be played with utmost sincerity, without complacency and paying due respects to the opponent. While the Brazil defence and Goalkeeping was as bad as ever, their midfield and attacks never made any impact to the opponent, it reflected the fact that they hardly penetrated the Mexican forte with any challenge that opened the goalmouth. On the other hand, two goals conceded at the each half was mostly due to the defensive laps and poor goalkeeping. The first goal which resulted from the lethal mistake made by Rafael through a back pass intercepted by the scorer could be prevented if the nineteen year old goal keeper had a little idea of positioning. The second one was due to the elementary mistake made by the defenders. They all stood like spectators and never bothered to move their feet at all, as if to see how a beautiful centre can be converted into a goal with a header. As soon as the demonstration went off, they suddenly realized, they are trailing by two goals and they should be try hard to equalize before kicking the bucket. But it was too late, time was fast running off and it was in the last minute of the match Hulk scored the first for Brazil and the real chance of equalizer came nearly after a minute in the stoppage time. That too also wasted by Oscar in a juvenile attempt. The score should be at least four two in the favour of Mexico, if they have not missed the easy two - three chances of scoring.

Football is greatest show on earth and Nymer , Oskar, Rafeal were busy showing their class rather than lifting the spirit and winning the match. Once again it proves that honor has too little value in exchange of money, which is way too exciting in order to pump an adrenalin rush to these Celebrity players. 

Let us join our hands and cheer for our very own Million Dollar Baby, Mary Kom  


Indian Hockey slaughtered into obscurity. Thanks to Individualism

Ok so this is it . The great Indian Hockey Team ends their run with great disappointment. Humiliating defeats five in a row, finishing with all defeats once the torch bearer of Indian glory fades out in gloom. They started with radiant hope of winning gold but buried under the dark despair inviting many scorns and pointing out some crucial factors that would certainly encourage disgust of million heads. 

Indian Team, let’s not call them a team, they are eleven egocentric souls with great physique and apparent skill playing for the individual glory, trying everything, galloping round the fields, showing flamboyant stickworks , running through the flanks , hitting hard to the goals except one thing and how shameful it is , to pass the ball to the fellow team mates ! Passing the ball must be below per their dignity, hurts their chauvinism‎, alien in their nature. They can only try passing if they are left out of all choices.

Honestly, the dejected Indian coach Nobbs who had come down from Australia to coach Indian Team , left dumbfounded when his students shows no respects to his teaching and discarded the idea of game plan , passing , thoughtful movements. These players are so well engrossed in the past pride, they mould the necessities of the game in their own way as if it is their birth right (purkho ka game hai bhai , ek phringi keya hummen khak shikhayega)  . Time have changed, it’s no longer the same game, never will be the same again, when players like Dhanchand , RS Gentil, Md Sahid ruled the game with their dazzling skills. The definition of modern hockey lies in the supremacy of team performance, innovative game plans, and one touch passing. It is more about the field goals and delivering the results rather than just finding opportunity to get a penalty corner and converting it.

Anyway I am not qualified to comment on this game, it’s just that the disheartened Indian heart curses with anger. There are stalwarts and gurus who will surely dissect the catastrophic performance and come out with conclusions though that too will be dumped into the dustbin. Before I end, I must take names of Sardara Sing , Chetri who stood out from the peril ,with their shinning  performance , Sardara ,who never waste keeping the ball with him unless it’s a necessity shows some light in the tunnel.

P.S.  Just when the Indian Hockey team finishes the journey with all defeats, the ‘Hero Indian’   ad begins to appear in Television… What a great mockery …Marci!  


Maut tu ek kavita hai ..A poem has made pact...that she will meet again… and they met while the Safar ends.

-       “What a life! You must agree Kaka, a very few are offered so much in their journey, did you   enjoy it?” asked Hrishida  
-      “Well I had to bear the painful association of loneliness only to reconcile a newly reunited       family to accompanying the dreadful ailment that covered in these last days. “Kaka returned. 

      The morning was extremely wet on earth, they were all sitting up together Hrishida, Pancham Kishore and Kaka leaving the strain below and the moisture vestiges in the million hearts outside. These three Pals sitting together one last time to chat with Hrishida.
-          “Huum , You had a political stint too Kaka, how was that safar if I may ask ? You were the one last seen with Rajiv Gandhi I suppose.  Hrishida proclaimed.”
-          “Yes –Kaka Replied. But Politics well I would say is getting extremely distasteful with every passing day. Spending time in Cinema was certainly more adoring and enchanting as well.”
-          “How many songs you created for the Death of Romance?”  Hrishida throws the question to Pancham
-          “Many , take any out of them would do injustice with the others.”  Pancham Said
-          “I sang almost all of his memorable songs, zindegi ka safar, maut aani hai ayegi ekdin, main syaar badnaam …mai chala,” Kishore interrupts
-          “Right, said Kaka, the unforgettable journey set with Kishore and Pancham actually paved the way, set the glory, made the journey memorable.”  
-          “Ok guys  we cannot prolong this meeting, either it has to be as brief as possible , heavens proceedings are so unpredictable, getting changed every time , you know that, no one knows what to expect. So before pulling the curtain, let us have a treat with one of your dialogue” – Hrishida Urged .
“ Arrey oh baabu moshai! hum to rangmanch ki kathputliyan hain jiski dor us upar wale ke haathon main hai kab, kaun kahan uthega ye koi nahin janta," – Kakas voice reincarnated again.
-          “From this point we will all depart, where will you head Rajesh?” Hrishida queries.
-          “Neverland I guess. She is here , waiting for me ,we made a pact long time ago … Zindegi ek paheli hai , or Maut ek Kavita hai, Therefore the riddle is solved and the Rider of the dream has to lose before the dream ,”
From the backdrop the melody of  Haste gate jahan se guzar… Muskuraate hue din bitana …Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana” filling the air. Fans are deeply saddened with his demise on 18th July 10.Am … The ever smiling Rajesh Khanna will be remembered in the years to come. –the safar started with so many heats like  Swapno ki Raani, Nadia se Dariya, Yeh Jo Mohabbat hai, Chala Jata Hoo, Kora Kagaj tha , Main Shyaar Badnaam , Zindegi Ek Safar, Zidegi Ka Safar, and with the magic , mannerism smile  and  full of life …Jivan Ke Safar jine ke liye…but that too has to end like everything has an end. There by the first Indian superstar Rajesh Khanna ends his safar. 


World Music Day : Train Leaves Here This Morning ...

“Train Leaves Here This Morning" so better be catch it, no telling what to expect , “I don't know, what I might be on” but sure I am talking about this music train today passing through every corner of the world sweeping away the hatred leaving the water mark of love and emotion . The sky in this part of the world is filled with unbroken coverings of grey , amazing variety of greys. The passage of time extract the venom from most things and render them in form of hatred, hatred darkened the sky with clouds, you will close your eyes and the darkness behind your close eyelids will be like the grey cloud that covered the sky. Now open your eyes with advent of this train, listen to the whistle, overture of the music around the world, and hey the word changes in every few minutes, someone will be there to paint the cloud with a touch of red, yellow, blue and various other shades. Let the music flow, let the wind blow, and you throw your heart filled in love “don’t care where it lands--- just throw it”. “An ancient flower blooms. And the scent from its nature Slowly squares “ your room.   “Somebody take us away...”

"Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'."


New functions to sparkle the search

In the coming days as the trend goes , there are two things which is likely to boost up the search mechanism, one is Accent Folding functionality in search field  and the other one is faceted search. In the realm of usability this two would be the main hubbub and certainly would made an impact in the days to come (short period) .

Accent Folding functionality in search field

Accent folding functionality will help users in various ways. Softwares , apps or websites would just not be internationalized but with the easy support of Unicode they would appear as truly multilingual. Let me now explain how does this helps user to an extent and what’s so big about this commotion. Okay today `s users deal with data from everywhere, in multiple languages and locales, all the time. The locale they prefer is only loosely correlated with the locales they expect applications to process. Suppose you type caf thinking about the café in back of your mind. If you are an Englishman it is ok to appear cafe but if you are a Frenchman you would expect the auto filler result to appear as café. 

Now in application of search that favour recall over precision and displays the both. for example, if you type ‘caf’ it will show all the options varied to different languages such as café , cafe çåFé etc. Remember, accents are pronunciation hints that don’t affect the textual meaning. Entering them can be cumbersome, especially on mobile devices and with accent-folding, it doesn't matter whether users search for cafe, café or even çåFé; the results will be the same.

Now technically an accent-folding function essentially maps Unicode characters to ASCII equivalents. Anywhere you apply case-folding, you should consider accent-folding, and for exactly the same reasons. A minor gotcha is the Unicode "fullwidth" Roman alphabet. These are fixed-width versions of plain ASCII characters designed to line up with Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters (e.g., "1979年8月15日"). They reside in 0xff00 to 0xff5e and should be treated as equivalent to their ASCII counterparts.

Be aware that there are million caveats to accent rules. You will almost certainly get it wrong for somebody, somewhere.

Faceted search 

Faceted search or guided navigation provides users the value of  visible options for clarifying and refining queries. It features an integrated, incremental search and browse experience that lets users begin with a classic keyword search and then scan a list of results. The user can see a custom navigational map providing insights to the content and offers a variety of useful next steps . Example as follows.  


Pervasive computing (also called ubiquitous computing) is the growing trend

Sometimes I wander through the jungle of net (I love to say it is jungle as because you) and I get to encounter many unexplored things and being a UXM person my job is to layout a clear paths along the roads. Now, these new things, be it trends, services or whatever form it takes demand a logical explanation from me. Then I try to explain them with all my sincerity, mediocrity and with the help of little limited knowledge I gathered as in working as an Information Architect in the last few years and I leave them to the user to jump on a conclusion and give their verdict on them.    
Recently, in a similar occasion I heard the humming of this new trend Pervasive computing. The subject is in its infancy and certainly requires more impetus to be lighted among the front liners. Now I am trying to draw a basic inference based on my understanding of the subject, I don’t know how far justice would be made by that but as usually I am leaving them again to the audience court for verdict.  

Pervasive Computing:-
The words pervasive and ubiquitous mean "existing everywhere." Pervasive computing devices are completely connected and constantly available. An example of a practical application of pervasive computing is the replacement of old electric meters with smart meters. In the past, electric meters had to be manually read by a company representative. Smart meters report usage in real-time over the Internet.  They will also notify the power company when there is an outage, reset thermostats according to the  homeowner's directives, send messages to display units in the home and regulate the water heater.


Instead of multiple searches, you might type a complex sentence or two in your Web 3.0 browser, and the Web will do the rest. In our example, you could type "I want to see a funny movie and then eat at a good Mexican restaurant. What are my options?" The Web 3.0 browser will analyze your response, search the Internet for all possible answers, and then organize the results for you.
Web 3.0 browser will act like a personal assistant.

That's not all. Many of these experts believe that the Web 3.0 browser will act like a personal assistant. As you search the Web, the browser learns what you are interested in. The more you use the Web, the more your browser learns about you and the less specific you'll need to be with your questions. Eventually you might be able to ask your browser open questions like "where should I go for lunch?" Your browser would consult its records of what you like and dislike, take into account your current location and then suggest a list of restaurants.

( divides query into subjects, predicates and objects which are analyzed and processed by very smart web sources.
Opera, Google Chrome ,, Firefox, which offers you to save your bookmarks and tags independent of browser. It offers space for personal browser data or other private data any where in It offers space for personal browser data or other private data any where in this world where you want it. You just need to login to your account at the same browser.

you’re writing an email to invite a friend to meet at a local San Francisco restaurant that neither of you has been to.  You’d like to include a map.  All you do mapping the address on a map site, searching for reviews on the restaurant on a search engine, and finally copying all links into the message being composed.  This is a familiar sequence of an awful lot of clicking, typing, searching, copying, and pasting in order to do a very simple task.  Therefore to avoid this you can use the help of technology called Ubiquity introduced by Mozilla fire fox. It lets you to map and insert maps anywhere ranslate on-page; search amazon, google, wikipedia, yahoo, youtube, etc.; digg and twitter; lookup and insert yelp review; get the weather; syntax highlight any code you find; and a lot more. Ubiquity “command list” to see them all.


How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

Robin Gibb, aged 62, a member of ‘Bee Gees’, popular Band of seventies passed away yesterday. The band recorded classics like 'Stayin Alive','Jive Talkin' and 'Night Fever' that can still get crowds onto a dance floor. The album's 'Saturday Night Fever' remains instantly recognizable more than 40 years after its release.
Against the popular thought that they resembles Beatles, Gibb scored some successful solos, notably ‘Saved by the Bell’ , ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart’ . We are saddened by the terrible shock of losing this monumental musical figure, how can we mend a broken heart?



A tribute to a man - who was known as ‘Michael Jordan of web design’.

Hilman Curtis , a true Renaissance man combined with the skills of a web, graphic designer and apart from being a filmmaker and musician passed away on 18th April , 2012.

When I was young and just started my career as web designer, back at 2000 I devotedly followed the footsteps of this master. Being a rookie, I can remember how I became completely spellbound with his masterpieces created in Flash. I stumbled across to his works by chance and fascinated so much that never took my eyes away from his creations to this day. . .

Hillman Curtis  worked as an art director of Macromedia. He has designed sites for Yahoo, Adobe Systems, Metropolitan Opera and others. Canoë magazine called him le pape du Flash (the Pope of Flash) in 2000.  Some even called him the ‘Michael Jordan of web design’.Curtis founded hillmancurtis, Inc, a design firm based in New York city which focused on film production. Curtis continued to actively manage hillmancurtis until his death on April 18, 2012. He was 51 years old and died after a long and fiercely fought battle with colon cancer.
He is survived by his wife and two children who currently reside in Brooklyn, New York.

Check out this lovely tribute to Hillman. ( for further details


Happy Diwali


UX case study developed by me

Problem : Facebook status update is confusing , as user can update status in various way including photo video, How to simplify the interaction?

Research on Facebook Power users to identify the audience and their core behaviour towards the site

Purpose: To conduct a research through the various online research channels.
Objective: To identify the behaviour pattern.
Agenda: Identifying audience through a demographic and physiographic research.
Deliverable: report

Facebook is the second most popular site in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. This site's audience tends to be users who browse from school and home they are also disproportionately women under the age of 45 who have postgraduate educations.
Here I have listed few statistical charts audited by Alexa websites.

Audience Demographics for

Now if we can closely monitor the statistics produced be the Alexa website we can conclude the power user of face book comes from the School, following by the graduate schools, which mostly fall under 25-34 years of age group, people browsing from the school is over represented in facebook and interesting fact is among this group female audience are significantly large.

Audience breakdown by income, ethnicity, age, education, gender, children and browsing location and their browsing pattern

From the above screen it is observed that the power user of facebook is keener on the community and to show off the personality.
If I may quote John Gray the famous relationship expert from the USA from his book “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus”, ‘Men Go to Their Caves and Women Talk’ we can surely differentiate women are more expressive than the men who just want to talk even if there is nothing to talk about. Women want to share their problems with their dear ones and seek their support and help. They often talk to the communities relating to their thoughts, ideas simply they love share, express and to show off. They long for appreciation, respect, love and care. So from the above audience demographic report we may choose to conduct interviews with the women from the different categories, and we may have one School Girl, College girl, housewife under 34 years and a working woman (who doesn’t have much time to socialize). We will also have a male graduate student and a passed out intern who can also add certain value to throw some light into it.


Purpose: The survey asked participants to complete the questionnaire regarding their Facebook sage.
Objective: It will help us to identify the behaviour, interaction and mental models of a participant toward the status update feature.
Agenda: Identifying interaction nature of an user
Deliverable: Survey report

Participant: - 1
Q1. On average, how long do you spend on Face book per week?

1 - (just under) 2 hours
1 - (just under) 2 hours
2 - (just under) 3 hours
3 - (just under) 4 hours
4 hours or more

Q2. How important do you feel the ‘facebook Status Update Feature’

Not Important
Very Important

Q3. How important do you feel the ‘facebook Status Update Feature’

Not Important
Very Important

Rationale: If I am on the top of a hill and watching sunrise at ‘Kanchenjunga Mountain’, I will defiantly look forward to take a snap of it and update through a mobile device.

If I am socializing with a celebrity in a party I would be upload a video with it.

Q4. Do you feel uploading photos and videos with the Status updating causes confusion?

Not sure but I would like to state what I feel

Rationale: I would be happy if I can see a write up stating ‘attach video with the message’ or add a photo , may be iconic representation of video and photo would be good for me.
I would also recommend if a help balloon can be produced instead of a write up, so that people can avoid reading and comprehend through the visual representation.

Many popular social networking services, such as Facebook and Twitter, enable users to write a brief status message, which is then visible to their connections on the network. For example, Facebooks status message can be up to 423 characters long; the prompt “Whats on your mind?” encourages the user to fill in the status box. I have conducted a survey to explore the ways in which people use status messages to ask questions of their social networks. The findings should be interpreted in light of possible biases introduced by the demographic of the survey population.

User: Anatara the Student, Govt. College of Art, Applied Art

Text Box:  : Antara is an art student specializing in applied art. She uses a computer, but she's an artist by trade and not so computer-savvy. A computer is just another tool for getting her artefact tasks done.
Key goals: Being a designer it is extremely important for her to build a network of her own with the people from different country, different perspective. Every time she wants to update with a post, she feels she should add a thumbnail of her work associating with the text, or to upload a video of her workshop days. But she wants the people to understand the essence of her update without any confusion.
A usage scenario: At the start of everyday she would update her status with an illustration sharing with her friends, networks through the face book status update, and then she would go to the college and meet other friend. There will be interesting campus work which she sometime records through her mobile phone. That’s one of her favourite things because she felt every work has its own distinction from the process perspective and if that can be shared and further developed. On a good day she tried to upload the video she recorded through the face book. First she updates the text then added the video. Surprisingly her friends could not relate the message with video and got confused.
She realizes the pitfall immediately and wished if there is something which makes the system simplified to a further.
About the persona: The persona describes the user's goals and some of the interaction. It's not too specific in describing the actual UI because that will be created later. The goal is to understand important tasks in the UI and the user's motivations. The intention here is to understand what a specific, representative, user wants to do and what doing the task would be like.

The Design
(A note on psychological manifestations and the psychology behind Facebook and its use. 

Through a psychographic study it is observed greater use of Facebook was associated with feeling closer to and more satisfied with friends . Shy students are heavier users of Facebook reported the same levels of loneliness as their shy peers who didn't use the service so much. So adding mood may help them to manifest something which they might struggle with purely face-to-face relationships. They think that if their data had been collected over time, it would likely have shown that greater Facebook use led to reduced loneliness. Mental and emotional issues associated to and resulting from user habits they are The Curiosity Factor/ The Boredom Variable/ The Ache to Belong/ The Loneliness Phenomenon. Therefore adding mood to the status update in my design has arrived.)