First time in India - Coconut Water in a Can

It was the start of 2016 and I was kind of I was awestruck with an idea of having 'Nariel Pani' in a pouch. Now before any inference is drawn, let me say I am a big fan of this cola - build by nature and I take it everytime I am done with my lunch. But !!! this is not available at office premises, mall, multiplex or any shaded auditorium. SO, I thought why can't we bottle it in any container and market it, So I created this idea and Teaser ... only if anybody takes any interest  


The invisible forces that influence and persuade people

Did you hear about Feedback Loop / Kerios/Trigger /Simulation/ and so on? They are just those words associated with psychology, precisely how human behave and how their Attitude does shape up, and what instigate to their habit changes. I have learnt they and they have made their entrance in UX too long back. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to learn.

Now I always wondered what drives people toward action and let me tell you why. I am an Information Architect Living in Kolkata erstwhile Calcutta and I do UX to earn a living. Besides living that is my passion too, to know more about the fluids inside the brain.

I wanted to know why and how the word SALE creates such a huge impact on us that we tend to buy randomly without any prior need. This is the time we should take deep dive down and unpack the hidden treasure. How?

Psychologists would have loved to explain these and we may found thousands and thousands of line written various websites. They talk about   Rorschach/TUNNELING/ Sequencing and much more. Cognitive psychology becomes more valuable for UX managers in order to drive right and desired action amongst the user.  

So to cut the long story in short I would like to feature few traits in following lines. I thought psychological triggers could come here in a big way. Let us hope all these lines may help others to define their UX solutions.

It is our Human Nature that we feel like we need to repay . “The inner tension created in the gap between receiving and giving is often so powerful we will give anything in return just to reduce this discomfort” according to Author and psychologist David Straker.
Ex:- useful service for free

Social Proof
Another Human nature is if you are not sure what to do, ask people , look at the behavior of others - which might guide your actions
—especially your peers.

EX:- Comedy  shows have used laugh tracks for such a long time. Or - affiliations of well-known organizations help us to build trust.
On the web you see ‘Subscriber count’ / ‘Social Shares’ / ‘Customers also viewed’/ ‘Reviews’ or the Testimonials

Brain cells that called Mirror Nuron - The discovery of mirror neurones owes as much to serendipity as to skill. The sciences of mirror neurone could be very interesting but before we delve into that let examine what heck is this . In a nutshell ‘a special class of brain cells fires not only when an individual performs an action, but also when the individual observes someone else make the same movement’

Let me put this in an easy way – We are in Restaurant, someone is delighted with a certain dish, we want the same dish to be relished.  We saw people rushing to the movie theatre to watch ‘Hangover ‘ – and we decide we must watch it in the coming weekend.
This how emotions relate to purchasing behavior  , and no wonder this is how campaigns stimulate our mirror neurons (and empathy)

 This has to be the hot topic among online marketers too. Example: You see a person facing a HOT KFC Chicken Burger and stretching his hands with his rolling eyes. If there is a ‘Buy button’   , next thing – you will hit the button and buy it, I bet –why-well in my next blog I shall explain in details. I feel what you feel!!

There are other attributes relating to Human behavior and psychological traits draws experience silently.  Such as Evocation, Identification and may form of Visual Clues – particularly Subliminal.   Putting them all together may not do any justice at all. Let them reveal gradually. But the bottom line is UX is the consequences of these attributes plus the situation, and being a consultant, designer we need to how to provide interfaces which help user to be more productive and less error prone.


Friday Night Blues to Audio Branding

how does audio can change the User Experience around us

Let me now come to the main point - the experience vibe, how does this Friday Night Blue – services slipped inside the UX realm. Let’s accept (though, there is no denial) we all live in a world where all of us are connected to each other – digitally. We engage ourselves through a wide variety of services and devices. No big deal right, yes. But the big thing is when you are not quite into you, would you afford to search apps and instruct that damn device to take you back at normality. Do tell me yes! You need ‘Siri’ right, She is supposed to do everything a personal assistant would do for you.

I wish if I had ‘Jeevs’ the immaculate and loquacious Reginald Jeeves, from P. G. Wodehouse series who is witty enough to handle any tumultuous situation and have a hands on experience in rescue act, whenever is needed. Ask Bertie!

Audio and the User Experience so intertwined to each other, aren’t they? Let me tell you digital user experience is far from silent, in many ways audio gives us the signal which helps us to interact, as we always search for a visual clue to complete an interaction. Think about alarms – buzz of a clock, shrill beep of smoke alarm …or the sound from a refrigerator, gentle hum of PC fan, take anything we cannot go away from audio signals. But for our application, unfortunately, audio is a missing ingredient as yet. Let’s not have it unfamiliar territories anymore, let us wish Jeeves to come along. Let him sense the situation and with his built in AI , he would take care of us in a smart way rather in a Digital way. Let him hone the techniques for developing effective audio for user interfaces to spot the situations and take necessary measures.
Examples? Oh yes – Remember AOL ? The voice readily shakes us every time we have something new in our mailbox.   – ‘You have got the mail’ Tom hanks and Meg Ryan loved it and that fit into their life nicely. 

Likewise every time we utter any filthy words or anything that sounds intoxicating Jeeves would come forward, he might scan through the apps and point out the next best actions. 

Recently, Southwest Airlines are running an Ad that uses ‘DING’ audio cue, which notifies company`s discount on the cheap flight as per the latest availability. A man fell down to the floor by the time he was all set to kiss – just that damn DING sound of discount … 

In my next blog, I shall elaborate my views on the Role of Audio in User Experience



In pursuit of Hang - Over

In pursuit of - ' Hang - Over '

Phil, Stu and Alan wake up with Doug missing and no memory of the previous nights was there, it is said: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." But for Bradley Cooper (Phil) , Zach Galifianakis (Alan), Ed Helms (Stu) that was too much , too many things which perhaps shouldn’t stay . Those who watched Hangover series (most of us did) know very well what an ugly effect it can bring, if you booze with Rohypnol ("roofies"). 
Oh! Boy, how on earth we can live on a Friday night without alcohol – without Hangover?
Nope  ! Here you get me wrong; I still in favour of – Friday Night Blues –but Hangover? Eggggg ! That’s the last thing we want, aren’t we? So how do we fix it?

Well, lately I come to know about some services, that might help us in doing so 

( needless to say, I am anUX Consultant, information architect Kolkata , work in service industry… so I look at the services and the experience vibe)

There no lingering after taste of alcohol –testimonial says, no more groggy feelings enjoy your drinks and start a fresh day on Monday morning. Check out by yourself, come on I am not any reviewer sort of creature. The User experience of the site is cool, useful and appropriate. Good product and beautiful subliminal experience.

Did you hear about Korean "Hangover" Soup ? I heard they are a big name in Korea for the practice of curing a hangover. Check it out on youtube. 


Or Party Smart from Himalaya that promise to relieve disagreeable aftereffects of Alcohol  , no Hangover & Headache Next Day –

Now the rumour has it India recorded the third highest rise in per capita consumption of alcohol, chances are that you lost in the middle of the , and there is no Sashi Kapoor who can drop you at your door . (remember 'Main To Beghar Hoon Apne Ghar Le Chalo' , Shashi Kapoor and Parveen Babi in Suhaag)   But an app can probably. Check out Drive U . Beautiful app , easy to Navigate, predictive UX . good all , Now serving Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai & Pune. But if are a Calcuttans like me you won't get it . Well, Calcutta lives in Nostalgia you know ! Old is Gold.   

Finally, this blog post  is never intending to encourage drinking , I am with the government to clamp down alcohol consumption . Bust just in case … if you need … a small picture of help  ;‑)  

Now that the ISL is over, it is time to think, discuss, as we very often do keep on wasting our time in doing this, popularly known as third half. I am not a footballer and never have any sort of claims that indicate to analyse the game with profound knowledge. Just like most of the Bengalis who spent their good childhood time in kicking the ball in their nearest neighborhood ground, I too have a special place in my heart for football for that reason. Yes! I used to watch Calcutta League, (Super division) , IFA Shield , Rovers Cup , Durand Cup , Federation Cup on a regular basis –once upon a time J .

Thanks to ISL, that it brought back that same euphoria amongst us. Let me put it in this way - I already have gone nostalgic in writing this , so I don’t see any harm in looking back to those days where Derby were being played between the football Giants like Mohonbagan –East Bengal . Hot debates, ticket crunch all were part of those events inside and outside of every Calcuttans home. Turn back and memories begin to step forward to engulf  – black & white TV , Late Ajay Bose as a commentator , Bidhesh Bose`s solo run , Shibaji Banerjee`s penalty save, Prasun Banerjee`s  game-making, Surojit Sengupta`s dribble. Football was a phenomenon at that time – radio commentary, football galleries, human-roar, gossips, jerseys, banners and festoons of favorite clubs – and fish markets. If it is football, I am sure we all have our photographic memory of the past. The skills of Krishhanu- Bikash, Subrata - Monoranjan, Bhaskar Ganguly, Mihir Bose, Md. Habib-Akbar, hardly have faded from our retrospect.

Although the levels were falling down sharply comparing to the by gone days of Manna, Chuni, PK, Amhed , Sattar - still the game can easily pull large chunk of crowd in galleries . Paper house, News agencies had made their bread out of it, TRP went up high. It was an enthraller all the way, charmed people for sure.

The Quality Level could have been raised or be recuperated, if we were at all keen to do that but no! The glory gradually faded away and as it seems we got to embrace (without much choice) a game that hardly played by major countries of our world.   Now, let’s not distract from the key point and ask ourselves why? What had gone wrong? What could be the reasons that potentially pushed football into obscurity? Lack of Sponsorship, viewership, infrastructure? What majorly contributed into it? I couldn’t think off any single reason for this turnaround rather all these factors must have had their roles in decaying Bengal football. Arguably it’s not only about the talents, but about various reasons associated with the game have compounded to form a major clout in soccer scene at Calcutta.  Do we miss the nursery where skills are usually honed, clubs like Aryan Sports and Kalighat , Sonali Shibir , those who act as the feeder institutions for bigger clubs through their local tournaments, they are banking on the foreign players now. Yes! We do, but what lies beneath?- let me exemplify – during the eighties, Madhyamgram High School, WB, had won the prestigious Subrata Cup for 7 times. Parimal Dey, Shyam Thapa , Prasanta Banerjee, Shyamal Banerjee, Pratap Senapati they all have played this tournament before they brighten up the IFA League at Calcutta. So it can clearly infer that we are losing both skills and focus from the school level itself. 

Now the point I see the offices, banks may have stopped recruiting the star players as it used to do earlier. The professional league doesn’t have enough money for the domestic player by which they can sustain later in their life. Moreover if by any chance he got injured in any session and couldn’t play thereafter, there will be a full stop in their career. Football no longer is a good career option for middle-lower middle class Bengalis as it used to be earlier, when it was told in families,- if you are good you can ensure a public sector job for lifetime. Now it’s different, the self-life of this career has shrunk.  Those who shined once with their skills at ground hardly suggest their children to take football as full time career.  Think about schools – they don’t have any scholarships for football , think about the foods , in a poor state like Bengal where one day meals are not even a daily assurance , how can parents afford to buy a spike boot – grounds are largely occupied by the land sharks , there are places for real estate ,- football sadly no.

Then, we would nod our heads in disagreement and shout to place our rationale – wasn’t it same at the early days … well of course yes! It was even worse; we won IFA shield in bare legs against a regiment who wore boots. We were proudly beaten by Hungary at the Olympic Semifinal in football. We won Asian Game gold, Mardeka cups against mighty opponents, aren’t we? Adverse situation were there, will always be, and can’t be a mere excuse – point is to overcome them and move on. –right? Wrong! The needs are rolling; we can’t imagine a bowl full of rice in 1 paisa today, can we? 

Accept it or not, we need sponsors, scholarships, and infrastructure and above of all patronage from the Government – remember the phrase from the movie ‘Jerry McGuire’ - ‘Show me Money’.    

Bengal helped establish many sporting associations and went on to give shape to many national federations. The Indian Football Association (IFA) is one such State body which came into existence much before the national body — the All India Football Federation (AIFF).  In football landscape if India to succeed we need Bengal football to survive also.  The fanatics, craze is very much here, proves? -Just see the fan following, in week days ‘Yuvabharati’ Stadium has recorded to draw about 67-68000 crowd- almost in every occasion .  What else we need?- Let us reiterate the dialogue - ‘Show me Money’ .




Pulling back the curtain …Netaji files are going to be declassified … should we remember this day -18th September 1985

After a long murky silence I intend to resume my blog again, but this is not in the line of User Experience or Information Architecture as expected rather this time this river has taken a turn backwards to flow over of a particular event that took place at this day September 18, 1985.
The night at the bank of ‘Saryu River’ witnessed a funeral, on Guptar Ghat ,  in Faizabad UP supposedly of an unanimous national hero`s . He was cremated wrapping up in tricolor flag national flag, accompanying by 13 people. Where as his last rite should have fetched more than 13 laks people.
Yes , I am referring to the death of Gumnami Baba alias the Great Subhash Bose as told by media. I am not sure about the truth but if it is as it is being claimed then it is shocking. Shocking truth as published in many journals many a time - buried under unfathomable treachery and unjust. 
It is said that at the time of independence as per there was a secret deal in -Transfer of Power , Volume VI , which established , British Government knew the existence of Netaji and summoned to tag this great freedom fighter as a War Criminal. Followed is the sample letter – (Declassification of documents,) 



In this blog I have written many obituaries and I remembered many illustrious personalities, this time I have decided to write about this mysterious chain of events which highlighted by TOI lately and if it is true then this piece is to pay my homage to the star that has gone down long ago but still written in the starlight on top of our pale sky. 

But to make it simple- very simple, audience should focus these following claims articulated by media in time to time and then probably invest their time by reading the related documents. Then may be, if at all is required we may draw any inference to uncover the truth. A justice is the justice for all. 
·         ·         Justice Mukherjee Commission has discarded the Air crash Theory in Taipei in 1945. According to the commission the ashes kept in Tokyo's Renkōji Temple is of Ichiro Okuras.  (source:
·         As documented Indian Government during the time of  Nehru Regime played a key part to suppress the facts – it is said to Nehru had written a letter to Prime- ministerial  office England ( Source : )   
·         Leading handwriting expert B Lal, who compared the handwriting of this letter with Netaji's writings, said they were an exact match.  ( )
·         Justice Mukherjee Reveals Truth ( )
·         Bhagwanji talked about the escape to USSR via Diren in Manchuria after a "concocted air crash". He talked vividly about how prison camps functioned in Siberia. ( )
·         Netaji myth: Churchill’s target, MI-6 spy and Gumnami Baba ( )
·         On September 7 1963, Leela Roy sent a letter to Netaji1s close friend Dilip Roy “I wanted to tell you something about friend , he is alive and in India”
·         Sunil Gupta, Atul Sen concluded that Bhagwanji himself was Netaji and Atul Sen have hinted that Netaji was regarded as enemy No. 1 of Allied powers and that there is a secret protocol that binds the Indian government to deliver him to Allied 'justice' if found alive. Lila Roy written a letter around 1962 to Netaji`s close associate Dilip Roy that Subhash Bose was alive. (Source:
·         There were an astounding range of books and documents pertaining to Netaji, including the dissent report of Suresh Chandra Bose are made available -Anuj Dhar an eminent Journalist – (Indias Biggest Cover Up)   Samar Guha (Netaji: Dead or Alive) and many others .
·         Many other links which could turn out to be valuable resource in this matter
(Times of India Links)
Finally, our honorable Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee has announced that 64 files on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose lying with the state's Home Department would be declassified and put in public domain from this Friday. ( )
The whole idea of writing this blog post is not to take any stand on any side on anything, being apolitical and a mere blogger and also being an Indian it is a humble attempt to see through glass which is now covered with mist. Let us, unfold the saga if it worth.
Nothing remain unchanged, he was and is amongst the greatest in our history and will be for generation to come. 


Merry Christmas

Back then, it was night, a dark cold night with murky silence .He glanced through the window, there the passerby of the dusking locality fades out slowly.  Insomnia stuck its pins into his eyes .He had buried himself into the deep thoughts.  Saint Nicholas murmured, this is the time that he should pay back to his people for what they stood beside him all through the year.  The spirit evokes. The podium stages the drama– and the artist falls apart, his tool became protagonist, Space and time, Fate and Chance became the forces to unlock the art, from the moment we enter this atmosphere we are in the flow of it and wished that we could make it linger or felt time slow on a festive spirit.


Anthropological Approach to Experience Marketing

It is being said that Digital advertising is getting powerful now than it ever has been. But where does the UXM(User Experience management) Stands? Are we lagging behind the trend?  If there is enough research has already made to demystify consumer psychology in the IT sphere? Does the current research have any significant values on consumer behaviour? Does it tends to offer very limited views, and is of little practical value? Who are the netizen that consumed UXM solution in today’s world?  Does the end result of such fragmented research often leaves major “soft” behavioural issues unaddressed or unaccounted.
In the view of above Anthropology is becoming an increasingly popular source from which to borrow tools to investigate marketing and consumer behaviour as because the anthropological approach focuses on the influences of culture and society on the individual consumer’s behaviour; it emphasizes participant observation and academic analysis of consumer behaviour through both management and consumer perspectives.
The questions to be asked how subcultures differ from mainstream consumers in terms of their preferences for products and services, drawing attention to the viability and responsiveness pressures of potentially unforeseen markets. Lets us sheds some light on the characteristics of the tribes in order to understand their behavioural pattern.At this point, we can simply but safely say that the principles of today’s management are a scientific field of study about humans’ behaviours. Therefore Business Ethnography is to be with the practised to studies of corporate cultures in order to stimulate substantial growth. We would require to have shown how specific configurations of values within organisations can contribute to their success or failure. We need to be engaged in the emic feelings of informants.So what is today’s need amongst the tribes (end users and the potential clients) who wander into the IT arena for what good reasons .

Evolution of anthropology in organizational research and business education
It may happen Irish Americans reveal a tendency to retain the cultural characteristics of their heritage, thereby having implications for the ability of conventional marketing efforts to cater to this subculture. Likewise, the Jewish subculture and provides some very compelling reasons why consumer behaviour characteristics of American Jews should not be disregarded.

May be I am getting too gabby in order to establish a simple hypothesis and that essentially is marketing follows a simple law - consumers purchase products that fit their needs.  The better a company knows its consumers’ needs, the more likely its products, services and communications will solve these needs. It just that simple. 

Example 1 Housekeeping goes social and mobile applications need one characteristic to be successful and appreciated by consumers: in order to be useful and, possibly, worth to share with the friends, check out the online version of the app and you would understand the nuances very well. Example – 2 Think about a service called Pinterest ‘’and how well First Born a Digital Ad Agency team up with Uniqlo  for a project that owns Pinterest. The project targets five categories on which mosaics will appear: ‘men’s apparel, women’s apparel, geek, fitness and sports. This campaign with the post series of images rendered very simply, which we can really tell the story’. It looks simple albeit there were some technical challenges that had overcome by the Agency Firstborn. 
Example – 3 Now, Vodafone UK has launched a website which is the combination of Google Maps and Twitter to build the picture of where British people are going to spend their summer holidays.The website help the message spread which states that roaming charges across Europe have been eventually abolished by Vodafone.
Now all these above examples are actually the eye openers to the role of anthropology in business. These developments must have required that anthropology be given a higher profile within business classes to ensure results. The core concept in anthropology is culture. Be it culture of an ethnic group or chunk of netizens or whosoever is culture is an underlying dimension of all societies.  All human behaviour, including market behaviour, that’s too takes place within a cultural context.Cultural components are neither random nor haphazard, but form an internally logical and consistent adaptive system that helps individuals function successfully within their physical and social environment.  In other words, cultural beliefs and behaviour have pragmatic value: they are intimately bound up with people’s experiences in the real world.  

Synchronizing anthropology in digital spears (Neuroanthropology)

Now in Anthropology Anthropologists tend to study culture which is participant-observation. It involves living among a group of people, observing them and recording their behaviour. The resulting account of a cultural system and its members is termed ethnography. While doing participant observation, anthropologists try to adopt an emic approach, that is, uncovering “native” images for events and behaviour.  They are recorded separately from the observations and interpretations.  It is kind of “stereovision” (image of the left eye and image from the right eye) two distinct texts are created.  These texts need to be analyzed separately and then combined to reveal any differences.  To resolve certain discrepancies which exist, “native” informants should be asked to comment on the researcher’s descriptions and explanations.  These comments serve as a check on the researcher’s ethnocentrism while adding greater depth to the “native” view.  Similarly, discrepancies within the “native” text need to be uncovered and explained. Today, many anthropologists employ qualitative techniques (survey, for example), especially if they are doing research in complex organizations.  Now one may want to look at the digital arena, particularly in experience marketing where designers, Information Architect going through the similar steps when quantitative and qualitative techniques are combined (Example Likert scale, Delphi method, Projective techniques etc). Some anthropologists argue that in-depth participant observation (lasting at least several months) is the foundation of applicable anthropological research.  During this extended time period, researchers can move through the ideal patterns, to the belief patterns shared by informants, to modal behavioural patterns that will be observed and participated in.  Anything less does not qualify as a bona fide ethnography.A relevant case study in this regard would be of a leading finance service institution, ‘Citicorp, even created a vice presidency for anthropologist Steve Barnett, who discovered early warning signs to identify people who don't pay credit-card bills. Not satisfied with consumer surveys, Hallmark is sending anthropologists into the homes of immigrants to attend holidays and birthday parties to design cards they'll want.  No survey can tell engineers what women really want in a razor, so marketing consultant Hauser Design sends anthropologists into bathrooms to watch them shave their legs  (Seattle Times staff report, Feb. 22, 1999).’Anthropologists and anthropological methods offer a unique perspective.  Using advertising as an example, while focus groups would look at the demographics of a region to best select a specific advertising campaign, an anthropologist would study people’s reaction to the ad.  


Now In short, in MSAT are we ready to employ the anthropological approach (apart from just age old heuristic studies which may lacks an ethnological component) which is effective in the study of consumer behaviours?  Streamlining research could be acceptable if it produces useful and cost-effective information for the decision makers. Paying attention to the time value of money it may be the concern that it has to be unique (which it is) in nature particularly to the application of qualitative and virtual anthropology methods. It is to be grasped that Anthropology has gained a larger role within practitioner research in the business territory, from consumer behaviour studies to human resource management, and from cross-cultural marketing to strategic international business management. Of course, the application of anthropological methods in business education is not a simple combination of anthropology and business classes and for that we might have to come across to a Tool but that too again is different projection and would be discussed in due course of time. But the need of the hour is to expedite a substantial growth in institutional framework that can instigate paradigm shift from Vicious to Virtuous Cycle.  It is known Qualitative methods have long been taught within business schools and the current shift towards anthropology is destined to give these methods a higher profile.
Being a naïve I may not well jump upon to a conclusion whether this would be a critical pedagogy or a common goal shared by all business educators, it is clearly a more practical approach that could be reached.


Happy New Year

“ Come gather 'round people/Wherever you roam/… 
Come writers and critics/Who prophesize with your pen/And keep your eyes wide… 

Come senators, congressmen/Please heed the call/Don't stand in the doorway/Don't block up the hall/For ____that gets hurt/Will be ____who has stalled/There's a battle outside ragin'./It'll soon shake your windows/And rattle your walls…”