Cyber Brands: What`s New

I think one of the brands that uses interactive in a really wise way lately is Comcast. The awareness they've gotten since their 2005 fantastic. Comcast Corporation digital cable service, the largest cable television company, the second largest Internet service provider (high-speed Internet,) one of the brands that uses interactive in a beautiful way. Check out the site. It is press worthy the way in which user interacts with others in the website.

Uniqlo has just launched a new microsite to present it Women collection. The world they picture this time is all pink and you can't help thinking about Barbie with a touch of Pink Panther. It has been focusing on delivering a rich user experience that could possibly drive online sales. The links are as follows.

K-Swiss has refreshed the look of its Kspace website with the help of Perfect Fools. The website combines beautiful shots of K-Swiss' testimonials with video interviews.§ion=alexandrarichards

Beams celebrates the 25th anniversary of its Women collections with a dedicated website. As it often happens with Japanese digital works, the product presentation is particularly interesting to check.


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