The form or the function

Over the years people around the world in advertising industry get involved in this debate. What is the main essence of a creative campaign that created a sensation? Is it the creative form? Aesthetical excellence? Story telling? The flow? or the functional strategy that bring the audience close to the campaign?. We are unsure, so are the judges of the different creative award shows. There is always a dilemma among them to put their verdict on any particular Campaign on the basis of few criteria. Effie awards are given on the basis of ‘challenge’, ‘‘solution’ ‘presentation’ etc etc. Now, what if some campaigns ( in the whatever format, online or offline) has performed reasonably well in terms of effectiveness but may not have that solid creative impact on customers mind . In that case, the campaign may not be entitled for an award but has already received an award from the audience, at least in terms of ‘ROI’.
Well, Advertising is, and has always been, a balancing act between creativity and effectiveness. But the importance of creativity to a great degree is always expected and desirable. Being a creative person, or being a part of this fraternity, one can not ignore the liability towards the society as, I believe, every one of us is a contributor of the greater transformation that takes shapes in global landscape of the 21st century.
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