W3C - Creating only Fuss or Just Something to do with it.

We are living in the rapid changing world of web, everyday some new sounds buzzing through the air, some new words or jargon (whatever you may like to say) is occupying more space of your favorite blog, forum and even in some website. Social networking sites, web apps each of them have something to offer very new, a cutting edge stuff which you never experienced before. Recently I was reading about the Canvas which is a part of (HTML element). I have encountered few unknown words ‘WHATWG !’ is one of them, let’s get rid of the abbreviation to make it easier, it is actually Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group.The group was founded by individuals from Apple, the Mozilla Foundation and Opera Software. Their main objective is to focus on three areas.
HTML 5 (formerly titled Web Applications 1.0) is the fifth major version of the HTML and has been adopted by the W3C.
Web Forms 2.0 is an update to HTML forms. referred by W3C
Web Controls 1.0, which is not actively being worked on.

What a decent way to talk about W3C!
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web was founded and is headed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee once. Since inception, it has invited members like Microsoft , Google etc. etc. and since then it is being dominated by larger organizations and thus writing standards that represent their interests.
The objective was to create and to ensure compatibility and standards between web pages. The consortium was created to get all vendors to agree on a set of core principles and components which would be supported by everyone. Prior to its creation, incompatible versions of HTML were offered by different vendors, increasing the potential for inconsistency.

I have a question here. Being an end user whose main objective is to browse and gather information, we got stuck in few occasions.
Why W3C still not reinforcing on their recommendations which are widely accepted.
Why a simple user does have to face browser compatibility issues?
Why a developer does have to waste their precious times by writing java script codes for each browser?
In the end the development cost increased both for the service provider and seekers. ROI goes down. In AGO ‘web development India’ we have developed an e-commerce application for our client Rupa. The website url is where we had to face a similar kind of problem. The compatibility was the issue, we found differences in DOM interpretation and finally the profit eaten by technical hazards. Now who is actually responsible for that? it is a debatable issue. Let the debate on…

Today, if XForms specification was made an official W3C Recommendation. What is this X Forms? It is an XML format for the specification of a data processing model for XML data and user interface(s) for the XML data, such as web forms. XForms was designed to be the next generation of HTML / XHTML forms, at list that is told in their website. Now before anybody could plunge into it I strongly feel the enforcement has to be made by W3C so that user, developer nobody face any problem like muti-browser compatibility advance user control etc.

So the debate on I invite fraternity to participate in it.

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