Web 2.0 a Designers view

Web design is simpler than ever, and that's a good thing. 2.0 design means focused, clean and simple.
You have to look at the content. You find yourself interacting with exactly the screen features the designer intended. And you don't mind - it's easy, and you get just what you came for.

Jakob Nielsen's (usability specialist)analysis of 42 websites found that usability projects increased sales by an average of 100% (traffic by 150% and productivity by 161%). Simplicity means, use as many pixels as you need, in whatever way you need, to facilitate the communication that needs to happen.

The list below is a summary of many of the common features of typical "Web 2.0" sites.

Simplicity / Central layout / fewer columns / Separate top section / Solid areas of screen real-estate / Simple nav / Bold logos / Strong colours
Rich surfaces etc.

Some of this example can be seen in our design.
AGO example:

Solid areas of screen real-estate

Leading on from the clearly differentiated top area, you'll notice that lots of sites define the various areas of real-estate boldly and clearly.

Real estate comes in various forms, including:Navigation / Background / canvas
Main content area / Other stuff /Callouts / cross-links /
It's possible to design a web page so that these areas are immediately distinct from their neighbours.
The strongest way to do this is using colour, white space etc.

AGO example:

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