Public Relations on the Internet - PR 2.0

With news search engines and influential blogs shifting the integrated marketing communications paradigm,public relations on the Internet is rising high. Public Relations Strategies and Tactics are heading towards a new horizon.

Recently people are focussed on the Video search engine optimization services,Press Release Optimization Services, Blog Optimization Services,Viral Videos etc.

Key notes on Video SEO (VSEO)

1. Research video-related keyword phrases before optimizing
2. Always include user-friendly, keyword-focused metadata in all video files
3. video search engines should have easy access to the video clips.
4. Create a video library or catalog
5. Cross-link to other Web pages containing similar video content
6. Submit and distribute your video files to video search engines and video-sharing Web sites.

The secret recipe" for video search engine optimization, video SEO or VSEO is about building a strong foundation,keeping usability principles and others which we usually do in AGO (web development india). Videos can deliver a great return on investment (ROI). If your company is interested in optimized press release or video optimization services, click on

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