Data Visualization

Data visualization is a new way to tell stories or create experiences out of the very base matter of the web itself. Data visualization is the advances in technology at the presentation layer and the new found ability to tap into once hidden data sources that is enabling these new visual scientists to chart a new narrative course.

The New York Times, which has always done stunning infographic work, is helping to push data visualization to a mass audience with its "Visualization Lab." . Similarly, the Economist employs data visualization to graphically represent an ongoing conversation as part of its "Debate" series, which enables the user to track the developments and change in sentiment on a daily basis.(

The "Go" microsite ( features seemingly random bits of data (16,438 people in Paris smiling back at the Mona Lisa) that the user can explore to see how Visa is "helping more people go places and do things." Similarly, the banner ads feature live video streamed from cities (such as Times Square in New York) around the world that show people "going" and utilizes similar data.

: Flickr, the online photo-sharing service from Yahoo, just recently released theFlickr Clock ( a browser. Clockr is a neat Web-based clock that's generated via Flickr. The numbers you see for the clock are randomly pulled from Flickr. You can double-click on them to see the full image. It grabs photos of the "momment" and generates a dynamic digital clock with them.

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