How to get a Website Design approved at first time

A mood board is a sample board used to communicate the design intent. Mood boards are used at the earlier stage of a project to indicate the emotional and contextual aspects of a design concept.

Designers use mood or concept boards to convey the overall feel of a project, putting together images, typography, choice of colours, themes and so on. It is very useful at the early stages of a project as a guide tool to show to clients for approval before proceeding further. Sometimes mood-board containing cuttings from magazines, photographs and printed screenshots to give an idea of what client would like or not. A selection of mood boards to a client to act as a catalyst to get things going.

It is a method of getting ideas out of the client's mind's eye and pinning them onto paper/screen has to be good. Even if it's just a case of eliminating options, better to find out now rather than later! Mood boards are used extensively in Textile Design - where theme and abstraction work almost as strongly as Fine Art!

Moodboards should be the part of the web design process in almost every project. It allows the 'designer' to quickly explore and position high-level concepts, feel, tone of voice, colour, typography etc. without the expense of creating physical entities. Besides a client for a website need to sit down with the client service team along with the creative head and surf frantically for half an hour. And the team should make a note of the sites they liked and then, later, collated screenshots of them and added notes of which bits they liked/didn't like.

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