Poken : Extend your online social networking into the real world

Managing friends and networks never been so easy, people have bought gadgets, address books, card holders and many more devices to make it accessible and convenient. We have seen digital diaries, organizers dumped on the table in form of gifts. Moreover, now when we are living in the age, where social networking through internet is leaping up rapidly, we found it more difficult to mange it, our old gadgets are no longer in use, scrambling for a pen and a scrap of paper or collecting business cards… give me a break.

‘Poken’ the latest little Social Media device has arrived to solve your problem. Pokens are the latest and best way to connect with people when you're grabbing a coffee, on campus or at a business event. Just tap poken-to-poken, and you are instantly connected to your friends and colleagues. It will store personal information of your friends and then you can plug it in a computer with an internet access to upload the contacts. The website and the system will give you the option to manage your friends from facebook ,orkut, myspace, high five and other networks.

Let me make it simpler for you –
1. First you will have buy and activate it.
2. Then you can connect by expanding a wave of your hand. It is more like handshaking. A magnetic pull between the hands will happen. Make sure they are properly aligned: palm-to-palm then ‘poken’ palms will glow green otherwise it will glow red indicating an error. Within one to two seconds it will fetch data and store on its database. The maximum capacity of storing is 64. Each Poken contact after the 64th will be saved, but it replaces the first contact stored on your poken. So the idea is to upload your contacts before exceeding the limit and you can be sure not to lose anyone.

3. Now pull the hands out from the body and insert the usb connector to your comp.

4. Then go and manage your profile. You will have to register yourself before you can do anything. Choose how people view your contact information, and view your friends' pages on Facebook, MySpace, and many other networks. Never again will you need to scribble your email address, screen name, or telephone number on a napkin!

Poken is your social keychain; it is extending Online Social Networking into the Real World. People are saying this little Social Media device is your Virtual business card. I expect this gadget to create lot of sensations in India and it is not very far when people will be carrying this little gadget like a mobile wherever they go.

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  1. In the one hand it futuristic- just a USB and just a small microwave device - talking on some mobile phone network - to get who your possible matches are on social networks - when you meet them physically....which is cute and exciting and something fresh.

    Other than this - it's just another japanese toy- completely aping the west- and very anime culture.

    To see the life of teenagers in modern japan - see the movie - babel.