Swine flu: Behind the Mask

Pandemic Influenza H1N1 2009 has now spread across India. People everywhere are wearing masks. I doubt how many of them wearing the right one. The notion that wearing mask is only solution for swine flu prevention is a myth. It is a debatable issue and I am not going to write anything on it. This post is absolutely about the ‘Swine flu mask’ and I am going to highlight some facts about it. Now I put my time in talking with doctors and browsing through internet to get close to the actual stuff.

WHO (world health organization) certified N95 masks which is made in China. It doesn’t have any maximum retail price and people are cashing on the swine flu scare. Quite a few manufacturing companies increased it production while importing N95 face mask have also gone up.

Now, there are three type of masks are available in the market.
• single-layered (surgical mask),
• three-layered and the
• N95 Respirators.

Surgical mask (the green coloured mask) does not guarantee protection. As per the Doctors, N95 masks are the safest although they offer 95 % of protection from the virus. Thea-Tex Healthcare is manufacturing these masks in India. It is said US-based 3M Company is closely working with Indian Government and supplying face masks at the best they can.

US-based 3M is one of the leading manufacturers of the N95 respirators. They are supplying four different types of N95 respirators in India. The price of the N95 respirators varies from Rs.44 to Rs.300. The Masks are available at

(These are some links which may help readers to find more information about the vendors)

Finally, extending to my previous post on ‘Swine Flu’ I dig out some information related to the guideline which I thought would be helpful for the readers.

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