Web 2 'Prem'

Recently I have been repeatedly asked by my friends to write something very funny on social networking, as I often write something very serious and they don’t quite like it. Someone told me his antenna had failed to connect with those posts which were mainly about social networking. Immediately after that he suggests why not write something casual and little out of the digital world. Ok here I am. A fun-poem on ‘social media’ prem. Forgive me for writing it in Bengali as this is the language I can write my best. This is the language, on which I understand the subtle pun of words, anecdotes etc etc.(from the people around me.) I wish I could translate it in English but in the same time I afraid I won’t be able to do any justice to it.



  1. I like it , good keep it up

  2. Thankx and hope to hear from you again.

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