Yahoo`s rebranding campaign(Anthem) "its you"

Yahoo!'s New "Anthem" Ad - The most amazing home videos are here

'Dynamic logic' an online-ad-research group analyzed 170,000 online ads database and come to a conclusion which strongly emphasized on the aesthetics which to be enhanced among the online advertisements. They have determined that creative factors such as persistent branding, strong calls to action and even human faces make for better ad recall, brand awareness, effectiveness and purchase intent.
Now I believe Creative is what person reacting to and which is why the brand has to come out from the banner ads. The graphics has to be more pictures dominative, more emotional, use human emotions their face, expressions, and stay simple.  The ads that really reach out, that really touch a person and at the same time call them to action are the ones which have the most success.
An example is much awaited! Right and what could be better than mention yahoo “its you”(its called anthem) campaign which has covered online, television, print and outdoor in UK, US, India several other country.
So What's the Catch?
Web becomes more personally relevant to each of our consumers, so it’s important that we engage the world in the creation of our. See the video.

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