Did Jyoti Basu Die ?

If you read this blog after 32 years, if you read this story of a journey which is set amidst the vast meadow with a few peers around, if your heart is swept away with the tears of its soul, it will say don’t cry for me and it is because they say they can not die, it can not die, it will remain in the hearts of a million people; likewise in the drops her of tears.

She is a red flower, unknown, unnoticed, bloomed in an infamous bush everyday ignored by every soul. In her memoirs, she said, she met a man who appears with a brilliance of white from the deepest darkness of earthly hours.

She saw him coming, holding the sickle of the sun through the red sky; she witnessed so many battles and victories, and yet today he lost the final battle at the age of ninety five.

She watched him every autumn, every winter and every summer, standing between the people, people, the stream of humanity painted the city red. In those splendid moments, she silently observed how eloquently he held a million hearts in awe.

Today if she sees him fall, he will fall along with a thousand drops of tears, he will fall like the droplets in a cascade, she will salute him in his final journey towards the unknown, a red salute and the wind whispers you can not die because men Jyoti Basu can not die.

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