Story time guest ! Its my story very brief, shabby much unwanted, but I really think you could bear five of your precious minutes to take the trouble to read this. Would you stay by my side?

Everyday countless people come to me, people thirsty, exhausted, aimless, no-mad, so many people, I could not afford to ignore them, they use me insolently, I pour water incessantly. Water, water of soil give them life, and refresh them to live further. My heart pounds, I am so grateful to you all, you made me proud, help me to believe I am useful.
Everyday I listen to your stories, full of events; some are about hope, desires, joy and some of pain, loss, inheritance. I wish I could colour them , I wish I could colour your trouble, I wish one day at list one day you use me and I can pour the colour of your dream to the life.
Yesterday it was holi , you came to me with the joy painted in your hands. I witnessed the colour of your dream flowing with my water, I felt complete, and fulfilled.

How can I forget these moments that takes my breath away? Here I preserved them in this blog , may be you will come after twenty five years to find what it looked like, twenty five years will ever last.

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  1. Anonymous2:28 AM

    Robindranath Thakurer ekta choto golpo porechilam "Ekti Ghater Kotha", mone pore galo, good job, keep it on...

    Subrata Kolay