The Letter "Z" Will Be Removed from the English Alphabet!!!!!

In today’s fast paced world people are desperate to grab attention of the audience by hook or by crook. Believe it or not they can go to any extent to popularize themselves by producing misleading information, false promises, and manipulative photos and with so many other things through various channels. They write blogs , post articles, send mails (mail bombing) and do every other thing that come across their way.

Today I had such an experience when I received a mail saying ‘Z’ will be removed from the English Alphabet. Yes I am sure many of you have already seen this before but I wonder how many of us have really taken a step forward to stop such disruptive spam. I am writing this post, carrying a great hope in my heart that this post would inspire many bloggers to write against it and publish them through various social channels. It is required, trust me, its time to set the ball rolling.

(The funniest part: English Language Central Commission (ELCC) does not even exist)

The fact is it was started as April Fools day prank and circulated to the millions to make the above blog popular. And honestly it drove large volumes of traffic to the blog. Read on.


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