Things one should do while working on website (Checklist of 'website must haves')

Back in 2000 when I started designing websites, we don’t have many things to do apart from creating a nice template and to htmlized it simply. But things have changed, now we have many things to watch out, accessibility, usability, creating content which allures, implementing Meta tags, ranking, cms, xhtmlization apps so much h of the jargons, the list will go on.
But being a novice who doesn’t have much to do with technicalities what are the important parts we should check immediately after launching a Website. They can be divided by two parts, first to check accessibility factor s inside the site, which largely entail the followings

Meta Tags
What is Meta tag and why do we need it. One can get thousands of literature on it in the web but in a nutshell we need to do the following
We need to provide the http-equiv, language, description and keywords Meta tags in the element on your page.
http-equiv meta tag
It is by far the most important Meta tags among the others. Used in conjunction with the DOCTYPE (XHTML 1.1), it helps the browser display your page correctly.

How to do it?
The language meta tag
It is a standard practise to include on every page although it is important for non English websites
Description and keywords Meta tags are important for accessibility than to meet standards because they are commonly used by screen readers. A lot of Search Engines rely on the description text for keywords on how and where to index (cache) your page.
If you are utilizing the description meta, each page in your site should have its own unique description text.
Other meta tags

Tag for Robots and Crawlers
There are variations
1. will instruct the robot to include the current page in its index (cache) and follow all links to include them as well.
2. will instruct the robot to not include the current page in its index (cache) but follow all links.
3. instructs the robot to include the current page in its cache, but do not follow any links.
4. instructs the robot to not include current page or any of the linked pages in its cache

Things You Should Do

You need to create Web files that improves website accessibility
  1. They are robots.txt, favicon.ico, sitemap.xml, dublin.rdf and opensearch.xml.
  2. Create a Sitemap.xml File and a Robots.txt File
  3. Setting up web Analytics
  4. Google Webmaster Tools set up
  5. Set Up Google Alerts
  6. Your Website’s Uptime
  7. Site’s Speed checking
I will discuss in details on the above mentioned item in a other post.

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