Common Website Usability Checklist

Common Website Usability Checklist

  • Ensure a clear indication of the current location in website using bread crumb, heading.
  • All major parts of the site should be accessible from the Home page
  • Ensure a site map is always available if possible create an xml site map.
  • Make sure the site structure is simple, with no unnecessary levels
  • If necessary, an easy-to-use Search function should be implemented in the website.
  • The layout should be clear
  • Make sure there is sufficient ‘white space’
  • All images have ALT text assigned
  • Unnecessary animation has to be avoided
  • Only one word or term should be used to describe any item
  • Links should match titles of the pages to which they refer
  • Standard colours are used for links and visited links
  • Ensure General for web usage

  • All functionality is clearly labelled
  • All necessary functionality is available without leaving the site
User Control
  • There should be a clear exit point on every page
  • Page size is less than 50Kb/page
  • All graphic links are also available as text links
  • The site supports the user’s workflow
  • All appropriate browsers are supported
  • Online help should available
  • Users are informed if a plug-in or browser version is required

Error prevention

  • Errors do not occur unnecessarily
  • Error messages should be written in plain language
  • Error messages should describe what action is necessary
  • Error messages should always provide a clear exit point
  • Error messages should provide contact details for further assistance


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