UX Design in a nutshell

Today, project roles are loosely defined because many project teams are small in scale. That’s the reason I guess a UX designer (comprises of Information Architect, Marketing & client servicing person, Visulaizer, Interface designer, Usabilty Analyst, SEO&SMO Consultant) can play a significant roll. What makes the role of the UX Designer even more challenging is that there exists a sort of “brand preemption” online—users begins to with a number of expectations for products and services they use online. This means that not only does a UX Designer have to ensure a consistent and quality experience; they have to appeal to their users sensibilities. All in all, there are plenty of responsibilities to go around when it comes to UX direction on a project.

Now I am putting my thoughts down with some core elements of User Experience Designing, whatever small idea I have on the subject I am trying to define them so in case anybody is looking forward to grasping the concept and by chance landed to my blog therefore find it simple and stupid.

Analyse the Opportunity (Business & users)
Identifying the stakeholders / Create the UX visions / Segment the market /
Here the job is to
  • Heuristic research on behavioural and attitudinal
  • Ethnography field study – Psychographics & Demographic through Qualitative and quantitative methods (Eytracting ,focus group, phone message board mining , participatory design, survey etc)
  • Usability lab Studies
  • User survey

Build the context to use
  • Build environment Profile, identify Red Route
  • Scenario mapping, Use case, content map, content inventories,

Create User Experience
  • Information Architecture
  1. Grouping and Labelling
  2. Storyboard work flow
  3. Card Sorting
  4. Affinity Diagram
  5. Error placement
  6. User assistance
  7. Grouping and Card Sorting
  8. Page information hierarchy
  9. Form Deigning and Flow
  10. Functional Inventory
  11. Use of UI Library components
  12. Wire framing
  • Brand Salience
  1. User Goal
  2. Story board
  3. Persona
  4. Concept Map
  5. Lay out
  6. Evolution and testing
  7. Key performance Indicating
  8. Defining Style Guide

Therefore according to me the essential skill set of UX Designer could be the followings
  • Deep Understanding of Human Psychology & Research Methods
  • Competence in the Basics of Graphic Design and Visualization
  • Awareness of and Interest in Technology
  • Verbal & Visual Communication Skills
  • Ability to Quickly Learn a Subject Matter Area
  • Creativity, Passion & Vision
  • Mediation, Facilitation, & Translation Skills


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