Maut tu ek kavita hai ..A poem has made pact...that she will meet again… and they met while the Safar ends.

-       “What a life! You must agree Kaka, a very few are offered so much in their journey, did you   enjoy it?” asked Hrishida  
-      “Well I had to bear the painful association of loneliness only to reconcile a newly reunited       family to accompanying the dreadful ailment that covered in these last days. “Kaka returned. 

      The morning was extremely wet on earth, they were all sitting up together Hrishida, Pancham Kishore and Kaka leaving the strain below and the moisture vestiges in the million hearts outside. These three Pals sitting together one last time to chat with Hrishida.
-          “Huum , You had a political stint too Kaka, how was that safar if I may ask ? You were the one last seen with Rajiv Gandhi I suppose.  Hrishida proclaimed.”
-          “Yes –Kaka Replied. But Politics well I would say is getting extremely distasteful with every passing day. Spending time in Cinema was certainly more adoring and enchanting as well.”
-          “How many songs you created for the Death of Romance?”  Hrishida throws the question to Pancham
-          “Many , take any out of them would do injustice with the others.”  Pancham Said
-          “I sang almost all of his memorable songs, zindegi ka safar, maut aani hai ayegi ekdin, main syaar badnaam …mai chala,” Kishore interrupts
-          “Right, said Kaka, the unforgettable journey set with Kishore and Pancham actually paved the way, set the glory, made the journey memorable.”  
-          “Ok guys  we cannot prolong this meeting, either it has to be as brief as possible , heavens proceedings are so unpredictable, getting changed every time , you know that, no one knows what to expect. So before pulling the curtain, let us have a treat with one of your dialogue” – Hrishida Urged .
“ Arrey oh baabu moshai! hum to rangmanch ki kathputliyan hain jiski dor us upar wale ke haathon main hai kab, kaun kahan uthega ye koi nahin janta," – Kakas voice reincarnated again.
-          “From this point we will all depart, where will you head Rajesh?” Hrishida queries.
-          “Neverland I guess. She is here , waiting for me ,we made a pact long time ago … Zindegi ek paheli hai , or Maut ek Kavita hai, Therefore the riddle is solved and the Rider of the dream has to lose before the dream ,”
From the backdrop the melody of  Haste gate jahan se guzar… Muskuraate hue din bitana …Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana” filling the air. Fans are deeply saddened with his demise on 18th July 10.Am … The ever smiling Rajesh Khanna will be remembered in the years to come. –the safar started with so many heats like  Swapno ki Raani, Nadia se Dariya, Yeh Jo Mohabbat hai, Chala Jata Hoo, Kora Kagaj tha , Main Shyaar Badnaam , Zindegi Ek Safar, Zidegi Ka Safar, and with the magic , mannerism smile  and  full of life …Jivan Ke Safar jine ke liye…but that too has to end like everything has an end. There by the first Indian superstar Rajesh Khanna ends his safar. 


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