Indian Hockey slaughtered into obscurity. Thanks to Individualism

Ok so this is it . The great Indian Hockey Team ends their run with great disappointment. Humiliating defeats five in a row, finishing with all defeats once the torch bearer of Indian glory fades out in gloom. They started with radiant hope of winning gold but buried under the dark despair inviting many scorns and pointing out some crucial factors that would certainly encourage disgust of million heads. 

Indian Team, let’s not call them a team, they are eleven egocentric souls with great physique and apparent skill playing for the individual glory, trying everything, galloping round the fields, showing flamboyant stickworks , running through the flanks , hitting hard to the goals except one thing and how shameful it is , to pass the ball to the fellow team mates ! Passing the ball must be below per their dignity, hurts their chauvinism‎, alien in their nature. They can only try passing if they are left out of all choices.

Honestly, the dejected Indian coach Nobbs who had come down from Australia to coach Indian Team , left dumbfounded when his students shows no respects to his teaching and discarded the idea of game plan , passing , thoughtful movements. These players are so well engrossed in the past pride, they mould the necessities of the game in their own way as if it is their birth right (purkho ka game hai bhai , ek phringi keya hummen khak shikhayega)  . Time have changed, it’s no longer the same game, never will be the same again, when players like Dhanchand , RS Gentil, Md Sahid ruled the game with their dazzling skills. The definition of modern hockey lies in the supremacy of team performance, innovative game plans, and one touch passing. It is more about the field goals and delivering the results rather than just finding opportunity to get a penalty corner and converting it.

Anyway I am not qualified to comment on this game, it’s just that the disheartened Indian heart curses with anger. There are stalwarts and gurus who will surely dissect the catastrophic performance and come out with conclusions though that too will be dumped into the dustbin. Before I end, I must take names of Sardara Sing , Chetri who stood out from the peril ,with their shinning  performance , Sardara ,who never waste keeping the ball with him unless it’s a necessity shows some light in the tunnel.

P.S.  Just when the Indian Hockey team finishes the journey with all defeats, the ‘Hero Indian’   ad begins to appear in Television… What a great mockery …Marci!  

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