Samba groove - exiled in oblivion.

Olympic Medal doesn’t just drop from the sky. It has to be earned and that also takes nothing but the relentless efforts and irrepressible enthusiasm. That was what missing in this star-studded Brazil soccer side. The moment the ball kicked off for the final showdown at Olympic Stadium of the gold medal match between Brazil and Mexico, it was evident that the celebrities of the Brazil team are not willing to give their slightest efforts to bring back the glory that was much awaited for a long long time. The Olympic trump turned its face again away from their homeland.
Nevertheless, there are likes of Hulk whose stupendous efforts ignite the momentum at the last minute, eventually evaporated in the slender of time. It is their lacklustre attitude towards the game in the first half paid off at the end. Nymer , Oscar, Rafael were sluggish at the beginning as if they were always knew they could easily draw the line of difference  whenever they wish to. Unfortunately the gallant Mexicans thought otherwise and they made the Brazilians believe that football has also to be played with utmost sincerity, without complacency and paying due respects to the opponent. While the Brazil defence and Goalkeeping was as bad as ever, their midfield and attacks never made any impact to the opponent, it reflected the fact that they hardly penetrated the Mexican forte with any challenge that opened the goalmouth. On the other hand, two goals conceded at the each half was mostly due to the defensive laps and poor goalkeeping. The first goal which resulted from the lethal mistake made by Rafael through a back pass intercepted by the scorer could be prevented if the nineteen year old goal keeper had a little idea of positioning. The second one was due to the elementary mistake made by the defenders. They all stood like spectators and never bothered to move their feet at all, as if to see how a beautiful centre can be converted into a goal with a header. As soon as the demonstration went off, they suddenly realized, they are trailing by two goals and they should be try hard to equalize before kicking the bucket. But it was too late, time was fast running off and it was in the last minute of the match Hulk scored the first for Brazil and the real chance of equalizer came nearly after a minute in the stoppage time. That too also wasted by Oscar in a juvenile attempt. The score should be at least four two in the favour of Mexico, if they have not missed the easy two - three chances of scoring.

Football is greatest show on earth and Nymer , Oskar, Rafeal were busy showing their class rather than lifting the spirit and winning the match. Once again it proves that honor has too little value in exchange of money, which is way too exciting in order to pump an adrenalin rush to these Celebrity players. 

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