Murmur in the Woods, sometimes, it seems you are more distant... ,Sunil Gangopadhyay immerses into blue

There was a pink and golden billow of frothy clouds above the sky waiting to disappear under the shadow of Darkness. A crash of sorrow broke down in thunder over her head. Lights were humming out into the dark and her lips parted like a dead woman as though there were struggling upon them than a wisp of startled air. They made no sound. Yet there was sound, sound of pain, sound - whingeing threads of breadths. Neera began to cry, tears coursed down her cheeks, her mind would never romp again, why, there is still one more line to be written …
Sunil Gangopadhyay , Nil Lohit(blue Blood), is too far away from us , leaving well over 200 books. Such a prolific writer, whose works delighted the Bengali readers over the decades, Nikilesh , Neera remains in Bengali hearts not just as characters but they took further steps to embark upon into the world of reality and transcends past to the realm of imagination.
But it was not Neera and not Nikilesh which took my breath away in the time of my childhood, those days were filled with the adventure of Santu - a little boy like me, the witty fella who loved to fall in an adventure by chance and used to get out along with the might of Kakababu ( He was just like many other boys of my age at that time and wants to do everything that a boy of that age wants to do. And then there was this Man at his side Kakababu (Uncle) who lost one of his legs in a jeep accident, but never lost the courage and spirit of life. He was knowledgeable, adventurous and legendary. I started reading those frictions first time with ‘Jongolgorer Chaabi’ which was coming out in sequence in Monthly Anandamela   . By that time I have already read Feluda(, Professor Shonku ( , Gogol(,  Enid Blytons Famous Five(, The Seccret Seven ( and end number of Comics (Indrajal,DC, Marvel)
But Jongolgorer Chaabi dragged me to its arena and then there was no stopping. I immediately gulp down Sobuj Diper Raja . I remember how anxiously I had to wait for the next story to arrive. I was blessed with his other novels published in Saradiya Anandamela  Mishor Rohosyo, Nilmurti Rohosyo, Nilmurti Rohosyo, Aagun Pakhir Rohosyo,  Kakabau Banam Murtichor (short story) ---- (Published in Sharodiya Kishor Bharoti) to name a few.
That is how I grow with, carrying his story at my side to touch Neera, Sudhu Kobitar Jonyo(Only for the poetry), Hotat Neerar Jonyo, (for Neera) shudhu bhalobasar jonyo (For Love).  If Neera, Nikhilesh paved my way to the roads of poetry, it was ‘Purbo Pochim’ (first published in Desh Potrika which pushed me to the serious novels beside the Children’s friction.
Sei Somoy’ (, ‘Prothom Alo’ ( are falls into the genera of Historical Friction for which Hilary Mantel got an Bookers Prize , unfortunately for Sunil Ganguli born in Bengal, India unarmed with high pitched marketing tricks and mind-heartfelt translation that could have lead him to grab Bookers Prize or Pulitzers. Today when I read Haruki Murakami, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Orhan Pahmuk, Mo Yan , I wonder how could Sunil Ganguli too have felicitated with those awards. His novels, Aranyer Din Ratri,( Days and Nights in the Forest , Pratidwandi (The Adversary made into films by great Satyajit Ray. Moner Manush made into film by Gautam Ghosh and Sabuj Dwiper Raja. ( By Tapan Sinha.
Neera glanced up and held out her hand, if anyone has ever sailed on vast ocean, with no island to see, and things are out of reach, under the crystal water sky, where none ever have to say goodbye. Neera is there with him, they won’t move, speak or breathe hour upon hour … words like silent raindrops fell, and echoed in the wells of silence. 

“This hand has touched Neera's face, /could I use this hand to commit a sin,
ever again?/In the late evening glow/swathing the hanging balcony,/a 'daring' light had fallen on her face,/and like a telegram,/had instantly revealed Neera's grace!”
A breeze from the alien shores/would one day, soon,/carry this lady away/as nimble and graceful as a swan!/And the stairs would all give way/to the surge of a sudden quake!
I stop,and look deep into Neera's eyes .../I realize,love is such an ardent pledge,a deep emotional bondage,/and a sentiment bound in truth./My eyes begin to burn .../standing on the steps,/these lips had told Neera,/'I love you', once,/could a deceit play on these lips,ever again?

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