Pulling back the curtain …Netaji files are going to be declassified … should we remember this day -18th September 1985

After a long murky silence I intend to resume my blog again, but this is not in the line of User Experience or Information Architecture as expected rather this time this river has taken a turn backwards to flow over of a particular event that took place at this day September 18, 1985.
The night at the bank of ‘Saryu River’ witnessed a funeral, on Guptar Ghat ,  in Faizabad UP supposedly of an unanimous national hero`s . He was cremated wrapping up in tricolor flag national flag, accompanying by 13 people. Where as his last rite should have fetched more than 13 laks people.
Yes , I am referring to the death of Gumnami Baba alias the Great Subhash Bose as told by media. I am not sure about the truth but if it is as it is being claimed then it is shocking. Shocking truth as published in many journals many a time - buried under unfathomable treachery and unjust. 
It is said that at the time of independence as per there was a secret deal in -Transfer of Power , Volume VI , which established , British Government knew the existence of Netaji and summoned to tag this great freedom fighter as a War Criminal. Followed is the sample letter – (Declassification of documents,) 



In this blog I have written many obituaries and I remembered many illustrious personalities, this time I have decided to write about this mysterious chain of events which highlighted by TOI lately and if it is true then this piece is to pay my homage to the star that has gone down long ago but still written in the starlight on top of our pale sky. 

But to make it simple- very simple, audience should focus these following claims articulated by media in time to time and then probably invest their time by reading the related documents. Then may be, if at all is required we may draw any inference to uncover the truth. A justice is the justice for all. 
·         ·         Justice Mukherjee Commission has discarded the Air crash Theory in Taipei in 1945. According to the commission the ashes kept in Tokyo's Renkōji Temple is of Ichiro Okuras.  (source:
·         As documented Indian Government during the time of  Nehru Regime played a key part to suppress the facts – it is said to Nehru had written a letter to Prime- ministerial  office England ( Source : )   
·         Leading handwriting expert B Lal, who compared the handwriting of this letter with Netaji's writings, said they were an exact match.  ( )
·         Justice Mukherjee Reveals Truth ( )
·         Bhagwanji talked about the escape to USSR via Diren in Manchuria after a "concocted air crash". He talked vividly about how prison camps functioned in Siberia. ( )
·         Netaji myth: Churchill’s target, MI-6 spy and Gumnami Baba ( )
·         On September 7 1963, Leela Roy sent a letter to Netaji1s close friend Dilip Roy “I wanted to tell you something about friend , he is alive and in India”
·         Sunil Gupta, Atul Sen concluded that Bhagwanji himself was Netaji and Atul Sen have hinted that Netaji was regarded as enemy No. 1 of Allied powers and that there is a secret protocol that binds the Indian government to deliver him to Allied 'justice' if found alive. Lila Roy written a letter around 1962 to Netaji`s close associate Dilip Roy that Subhash Bose was alive. (Source:
·         There were an astounding range of books and documents pertaining to Netaji, including the dissent report of Suresh Chandra Bose are made available -Anuj Dhar an eminent Journalist – (Indias Biggest Cover Up)   Samar Guha (Netaji: Dead or Alive) and many others .
·         Many other links which could turn out to be valuable resource in this matter
(Times of India Links)
Finally, our honorable Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee has announced that 64 files on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose lying with the state's Home Department would be declassified and put in public domain from this Friday. ( )
The whole idea of writing this blog post is not to take any stand on any side on anything, being apolitical and a mere blogger and also being an Indian it is a humble attempt to see through glass which is now covered with mist. Let us, unfold the saga if it worth.
Nothing remain unchanged, he was and is amongst the greatest in our history and will be for generation to come.