Friday Night Blues to Audio Branding

how does audio can change the User Experience around us

Let me now come to the main point - the experience vibe, how does this Friday Night Blue – services slipped inside the UX realm. Let’s accept (though, there is no denial) we all live in a world where all of us are connected to each other – digitally. We engage ourselves through a wide variety of services and devices. No big deal right, yes. But the big thing is when you are not quite into you, would you afford to search apps and instruct that damn device to take you back at normality. Do tell me yes! You need ‘Siri’ right, She is supposed to do everything a personal assistant would do for you.

I wish if I had ‘Jeevs’ the immaculate and loquacious Reginald Jeeves, from P. G. Wodehouse series who is witty enough to handle any tumultuous situation and have a hands on experience in rescue act, whenever is needed. Ask Bertie!

Audio and the User Experience so intertwined to each other, aren’t they? Let me tell you digital user experience is far from silent, in many ways audio gives us the signal which helps us to interact, as we always search for a visual clue to complete an interaction. Think about alarms – buzz of a clock, shrill beep of smoke alarm …or the sound from a refrigerator, gentle hum of PC fan, take anything we cannot go away from audio signals. But for our application, unfortunately, audio is a missing ingredient as yet. Let’s not have it unfamiliar territories anymore, let us wish Jeeves to come along. Let him sense the situation and with his built in AI , he would take care of us in a smart way rather in a Digital way. Let him hone the techniques for developing effective audio for user interfaces to spot the situations and take necessary measures.
Examples? Oh yes – Remember AOL ? The voice readily shakes us every time we have something new in our mailbox.   – ‘You have got the mail’ Tom hanks and Meg Ryan loved it and that fit into their life nicely. 

Likewise every time we utter any filthy words or anything that sounds intoxicating Jeeves would come forward, he might scan through the apps and point out the next best actions. 

Recently, Southwest Airlines are running an Ad that uses ‘DING’ audio cue, which notifies company`s discount on the cheap flight as per the latest availability. A man fell down to the floor by the time he was all set to kiss – just that damn DING sound of discount … 

In my next blog, I shall elaborate my views on the Role of Audio in User Experience



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