Curious (Business) Case of Ranu Mondal

On 23 July 2019, a sensational tale came out of a video clip that shook the internet world. Someone (now become famous Atindra) post a Lata Mangeshkar score from the seventies, sung by an old woman from slum, sitting on a railway station. Very popular Bollywood hits, full of melancholy and pathos – 'Zindagi or Kuch Bhi Nahin, Teri meri Kahani hai' is a song that strings emotional chords of million heart within a while. From their onwards, Ranu Maria Mondal`s, saga hit like a tsunami to every household in India. The song she sang from 'Teri meri Kahani hai' to 'Teri meri yea Kahani' swept million hearts in netizen world (including memes and trolls), every corner, every nook of IT and Corporate organizations. The song went viral with 1.2m followers on FB, what's app messages, and insta posts, which became the talk of the town. The Divine Voice of Ranu Mondal not only took her out from the dirt but also paved her way to the Tinsel town.
Until to this day the fairy tale continues. Now as a celebrity she is everywhere - scroll down your FB wall, there she is in every 3 alternative posts. The TRP went up, reality shows have arranged, news bytes increased – Ranu di is the new 'News Sensation' in the media world – a Star is born – come home this autumn, festive seasons at Kolkata is all set to sway with the stream of emotions called Ranu Mondal. – Ranu Maria Mondal the story that sells. Yes, you heard it right. Story sells, 'story' worked for the Brand, 'story' is – a ' Belief ', a 'Promise' a 'Hope', 'story' is the indomitable force that creates magic – 'story'-sells.     
Let us see what business value it carries. The Brand Ranu is now the blue-eyed girl for all marketers, small-medium scale enterprises and Bollywood. It is not just about naked money but also for Brand Building, CSR and social activities as well.
The story has a Cinderella effect, a long-suffering woman and willing to wait upon her destiny, waiting to see what life leaves for her – sings a song about life in such a voice that carries sorrows, strains and yet so very pleasing. As if the song itself descends from the reel to the real world. Everybody sees hopes to stand tall amidst the curse of misery as if someone has again opened up Pandora's Box only to see despairs beaten by optimism.
Once again this is emotion – greater the emotion, bigger the brand stands.
Shreya Ghoshal   charges 18-20 Lakh per song, Sunidhi Chauhan takes   Rs. 11 Lakhs, Neha Kakkar (beautiful voice) charges Rs 8 Lakh per song. Though these maestros can never be compared with Ranu Mondal, but for a song which is relatively easy (plain jane) yet melodious, Ranu Mondal would be a definitive better choice for the Producer at present.  You will get a brand, a sensation and of course philanthropy.

And why it shouldn't be? I laud Atindra Chakraborty the kingmaker, we are gratified to Himesh Reshammiya to give her a platform and for that reason, plenty of such artists are under light nowadays.
Manik Das (  ) the singing seller of tea, Paltan Bapi (  ) are in rampant all over the social media and newspaper. Everybody is running for a lottery ticket. 'Hi... ..Can you please tell me the exact location of this place? Or if there are any contact details?'
But for us it's a curious case still, how magic can be created, curated and delivered. Harnessing social media, power of crowdsourcing, finding talents in the daily course of life, who knows a stash of a quadrillion, tons of diamonds may be hiding deep under the ashes :) . After all, life is full of surprises but the biggest one of all is learning what it takes to handle them.  


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